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Stefan Skrilecz

Stefan Skrilecz stellt euch das neue ISOLO Recording Expansion Package der Firma Cloudvocal vor.


台灣少數以器樂為主的音樂Youtuber,目標是讓世界聽見我們的聲音。目標是台灣百萬訂閱的音樂頻道— SLSMusic為鋼琴家SLS所創立,現與小提琴家BOY共同經營, 演奏音樂類型囊括動漫、電影、流行、爵士、古典。

長笛姐姐 Lily

畢業於國立臺北藝術大學音樂系管絃與擊樂研究所碩士班、國立台灣藝術大學音樂系,現有中等教師資格證明及台北街頭藝人證照。 在學期間曾擔任校內管弦樂團、管樂團長笛首席,校外幼獅管樂團長笛首席,演出足跡遍及法國、德國、俄羅斯、日本、北京、西安、河南、新加坡,每年固定於國家音樂廳演出。今年(2018)將受邀於臺北市藝文推廣處、國際長笛藝術節、台北愛樂室內樂坊表演,為相當活躍之長笛演奏家。

董舜文 Tony 


Sax Ruby

真心覺得很不錯👍推薦給大家,以往出門演奏要帶一套無線麥克風,還要再帶效果器,除了重量(需要小行李箱)以外,線也接的到處都是,兩台都要接電源,無線麥克風接效果器再接音響,接好後開始調整我需要的效果,然後放伴奏要另外找線接音響。有沒有覺得很複雜,但最新的ISOLO CHOICE無線麥克風把所有的東西都結合了! 嘿嘿😁這就是為什麼會推薦給大家囉!

陳彥宏 Henry Chen

Fingerstyle 木吉他演奏家,來自高雄,喜歡演奏多過於彈唱,目標為發揮木吉他演奏的所有可能,年輕的陳彥宏是台灣指彈界奇才,學生時期即受邀至德國Frankfurt-Musikmesse法蘭克福樂器展覽會表演。2010年至北京參加IFSGF國際指彈吉他大賽獲得國際組冠軍。 2011年遠赴美國Kansas參加第40屆Walnut Valley Festival International Fingerstyle Championship獲得Top 5,這也是該比賽40年以來,第一位台灣人參賽,而且得到獎項的紀錄。2013年國際吉他演奏大師Tommy Emmanuel & Martin Taylor來台舉辦演奏會,陳彥宏擔任開場嘉賓。


錢威綸 William Chien,留美薩克斯風博士、演奏家、音樂教育工作者。

ISOLO麥克風是威廉最近在表演與錄音上的好幫手, 國內也越來越多不同樂器的表演者與老師們開始使用他們家的麥克風。 ISOLO在設定上非常簡單, 使用方式也很直覺, 加上價格親民, CP值超高, 推薦給所有薩克斯風與管樂的演奏者使用~

Starboy | The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk | Violin Looping Pedal Cover

Hey all! Recently I've been listening to The Weeknd's new song (and album) on repeat, so I decided to do my usual thing and create a looping pedal cover of "Starboy." However, this time I had the opportunity to record this cover with a wireless microphone courtesy of the company, ISOLO.

Julien Ando

Currently one of the rising pop violinist musician on internet. A classically trained violinist from Paris, France, he discovered music through the piano at the age of 6. Despite his young age, Julien’s journey has been rich and atypical.

Julien’s videos are full of sensitivity and energy. His playing style breaks down the boundaries between different genres of music combining classical technics in today’s music, with both acoustic and electric violins performance.

Peter Gergely

This cover was recorded with the ISOLO.
This is a very compact and handy pickup that you can use to easily record your guitar (or other instruments) in high quality.
You just simply place it on your guitar, pair it with the reciever and everything is set for recording - you can even record with your phone!

TheNotSoOldSisters - Lanvy

Hey guys! ^^ I posted on social media which anime song I should arrange and a lot of you guys wanted me to play a song from ''Your Lie in April." Here's my cover of "Hikaru Nara" by the amazing Goose House. :)

James Bartholome

This song was recorded with the ISOLO, a great, easy to use guitar microphone!

Eddie van der Meer

This is my arrangement of Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri recorded with the ISOLO.
The ISOLO is a really easy to use wireless pickup / recording system,
and the sound quality is truly amazing! for those who want to easily record high quality audio I definitely recommend the iSolo!

TheNotSoOldSisters - Lanvy

Hey guys! Today I'm reviewing CLOUDVOCAL's two new ISOLO mics; the recording package and the recording expansion. Big thank you to CLOUDVOCAL for sending those over! :) Also, make sure to turn on HD and captions ^^

Ralph Jay Triumfo

I just tried it to my laptop (windows). I am very impressed because it didn't pick-up any background noise.

Albert Gyorf

The sound of the guitar in this video was recorded with the ISOLO, a small wireless condenser microphone. It's really easy to use - you just start the microphone by pressing a button for 5 seconds, and you can start recording. You can record using your laptop or your phone. If you want to easily record your guitar in a high sound quality, I definitely recommend the iSolo.

Hajun Lee

Honestly this is one of the best microphone that I have ever used!