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About Our Brand

Julien Ando

Currently one of the rising pop violinist musician on internet. A classically trained violinist from Paris, France, he discovered music through the piano at the age of 6. Despite his young age, Julien’s journey has been rich and atypical.

Julien’s videos are full of sensitivity and energy. His playing style breaks down the boundaries between different genres of music combining classical technics in today’s music, with both acoustic and electric violins performance.

Peter Gergely

This cover was recorded with the iSolo.
This is a very compact and handy pickup that you can use to easily record your guitar (or other instruments) in high quality.
You just simply place it on your guitar, pair it with the reciever and everything is set for recording - you can even record with your phone!

TheNotSoOldSisters - Lanvy

Hello everybody and happy new year! We hope 2016 will be a great year for you guys, and we will see you for more videos!!! :D

James Bartholome

This song was recorded with the iSolo, a great, easy to use guitar microphone!

Eddie van der Meer

This is my arrangement of Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri recorded with the iSolo.
The iSolo is a really easy to use wireless pickup / recording system,
and the sound quality is truly amazing! for those who want to easily record high quality audio I definitely recommend the iSolo!

TheNotSoOldSisters - Lanvy

Hi everybody! I have some exciting news! This video was recorded with a pretty awesome gadget, the iSolo mic! It's super easy to record!

Ralph Jay Triumfo

I just tried it to my laptop (windows). I am very impressed because it didn't pick-up any background noise.

Albert Gyorf

The sound of the guitar in this video was recorded with the iSolo, a small wireless condenser microphone. It's really easy to use - you just start the microphone by pressing a button for 5 seconds, and you can start recording. You can record using your laptop or your phone. If you want to easily record your guitar in a high sound quality, I definitely recommend the iSolo.

Hajun Lee

Honestly this is one of the best microphone that I have ever used!