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How to use ISOLO CHOICE ?

ISOLO CHOICE series is an advanced stage performance system, developed and launched by CLOUDVOCAL after the first generation of ISOLO PURE. To better suit different needs, this generation of microphones has been newly designed and adjusted for each different instruments to capture the most truly nuances. In addition, the receiver has also been substantially upgraded to maximize its capability and performance. Now with integrated preamp, EQ and effects, plus precise control of balance all in one package, allows you to focus just on creating music. Whether you want to connect directly to the amplifier, effect pedals or straight into mixing console, our new ISOLO CHOICE stage receiver is up to all tasks.

ISOLO CHOICE Quick Start Guide Download 



Q:What is the max distance between transmitter and receiver?

A:Stage receiver have two modes. “Near”: 5 - 10meters, “Far”: 15 - 30meters. The distance still depends on the stage conditions and the volume of wifi routers.

Q:Can ONE CHOICE Receiver pair with TWO ISOLO microphones?

A:No, it can't. ONE CHOICE receiver can only pair with ONE ISOLO microphone.


Q:Can CHOICE mic pair with CHOICE receiver and recording USB at the same time? 

A:No, it can't. One ISOLO CHOICE receiver can only pair with ONE ISOLO microphone for performing use. If you want to record by USB, the sound from ISOLO mic can't go through CHOICE receiver currently. 

**GOOD NEW!! Recording kit for ISOLO CHOICE has been under development by CLOUDVOCAL team, the product will be launched out before long. 


Q:Can many CHOICE receiver connect with each other for performing?

A:Yes, you can connect up to four CHOICE receivers together. (Below is the instruction map you can follow)


ISOLO RECORDING SERIES is a tool for all musician. It applied a unique recording method that differentiate from traditional microphone. It was designed to capture the pure instrument sound and effectively obstruct the ambient noise. 
By removing the wiring restrain, it is easier to carry, while handy to record your inspiration wherever you are. 
After pairing with the portable device, recording, playing and sharing of your inspiration can be done instantly.

How to record with ISOLO Recording Package?

With a USB receiver, the microphone can record high-quality sound on mobile phones and laptops.

How to record with ISOLO Recording Expansion Package?

Double tracks, double imagination. With a stereo USB receiver, capable of receiving two mics signal into stereo tracks.

How to record with ISOLO Recording Guitar Advanced Package?

Double mic, double realistic. There are one Guitar mic and one Black mic this package. Use both mics and stereo recording receiver to record the best tone of your guitar. 


Q:Does ISOLO have frequency disruption problem?

A:ISOLO can automatically hopping to better channel at ISM 2.4GHZ Band.
       If you experience unstable connection, please use following step:
         1. Move transmitter closer to receiver
         2. Provide a clearer line of sight between transmitter and receiver
         3. Place receiver in a high location
         4. Turn on flight mode and turn off WiFi, when you record on a smartphone 

Q:Can I use it with android phones?

A: Require an Android 5.0 or later version, the applicability of different types of Android phones still depends on practical test.

Q:How to use ISOLO to record music by different recording software?

How to install ISOLO mic on the instrument?

This video introduces installation steps of Guitar soundhole holder, String instrument adhesive, Velcro adhesives and Velcro belt. Also presents different mic placement for different instrument sound recorded.

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