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Q1. How to use iSolo?

Q3. Does iSolo have frequency disruption problem?
Ans: iSolo can automatically hopping to better channel at ISM 2.4GHZ Band.
         If you experience unstable connection, please use following step:
          1. Move transmitter closer to receiver
         2. Provide a clearer line of sight between transmitter and receiver
         3. Place receiver in a high location
         4. Turn on flight mode and turn off WiFi, when you record on a smartphone 

Q4. Can I use it with android phones?
Ans: Require an Android 5.0 or later version, the applicability of different types of
         Android phones still depends on practical test.

Q5. What is the max distance between transmitter and receiver?
Ans: Stage receiver have two modes. “Near”: 5 - 10meters, “Far”: 10 - 20meters.The distance
         still depends on the stage conditions and the volume of wifi routers.